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29-11-2012, 10:41 PM
Welcome to FMUK Ranking :wave:

This short introduction will tell you all you need to know about gaining your competition ranking and give you some insight into how this ranking will be used to enhance the competitions we run here at FMUK

The aim is to rank every member of the site that wishes to run in competitions and group them so that the organisers can use the groupings for all kinds of enhancements or even just to streamline the entry/ organisation and running of comps.

There will be four ranking groups that you can qualify for and they are completely fluid, If you do well in competitions then you will rise up the ranks and open new competition opportunities. Likewise if you are finding pace hard to come by then you may drop to a lower group and find some competitions open up to you that may be more suited and considered to your forza needs.

The four groups will be called Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze
Platinum will feature the fastest of the fast. Those guys that no human can touch.
There will be few that reach this mighty perch atop the forzarati yet we all aspire to be there and so we should.
The other groups will rank the rest of us, Fast or slow, Committed or just having fun. The ranking is there for everyone to have some feedback on how they are performing and something extra to aim for, If you want.

There are plenty of different ways these ranks can affect you, Too many for me to think of but some examples are listed for your interest.

FMUK Time Trials, The rankings could be used to offer separate leaderboards and prizes to individual groups, Even a different TT or class per group

Teams in Competitions, Ranks could be used to section team mates, eg Platinum and Gold members may only team with bronze, Where Silver could join silvers or Bronze.
It could be used to group people for randomising teams or for setting different classes to each group in a multi class event.
Some competitions could be aimed at particular ranks only. I full sim racing comp for the upper ranks with some assists allowed for a lower ranked lobby, Even events where entrants could be limited to silver and below and gold and above.
Ideally there will be enough comps for everyone and if you wanted to enter a comp in a level above your own I believe that should be encouraged. We don't want to segregate anyone, just give you closer or better prepared competitions.

To get ranked is quite simple and takes no time. First we ask that you race or hotlap at hockenhiemring full in the best C class you have or want to use. Once you have set a nice certified laptime for your own pace please download the FMUK Ranking '07 Seat Leon Cupra Tune from the storefront of HandheldBee9, LastNewtStandin or Shafter 316.
note - If you already have a good certified time of your own on the LB you can just hotlap the Seat Leon.

Then hotlap again at hockenhiemring full in the seat you should now know the track, learn the tune as its built to test your throttle skills and reading of the track and pace of the car. Its by no means hard it just takes a little effort.
Once you are happy with your time and how you are driving the car please record your time in a PM to Bee9, Newt or Shafter. Please also save your replay and gift it to one of the above gamertags for verification. The reason we ask that you hotlap in another car is to keep your time in the LEON secret. These times are only a part of what we will use to rank you and sharing them may help people manipulate their rank unfairly.

The Tune is built so that you may not replicate a faster car of equal pi, To attempt to change the tune or run an incorrect tune will be treated with the same degree applied for competition cheats.
Please run the Tune as often as you like and post any improvements you would like to register with us. You need only run it once if you like as we will be adjusting peoples ranks by their performances and times in competitions and time trials.
We will move people as fairly as possibly and only to keep people balanced. Your rank will not fall if have a bad night or disconnect and it will not rise if you have a couple of good weeks. It will change to show your gradual improvement and try to offer you incentive to out perform yourself or work with new and more effective team mates. Or give you the chance to win your groups TT and perhaps have a shoot out for an extra prize.
Who knows where this will go. We are dedicated to keeping it updated and will announce any changes and promotions in the discussion thread. Likewise your all welcome to come and have a banter or poke the fast guys for a while.

To the competition organisers. These rankings are what you make with them, They are no strict guideline and your comps are your own to run. We enforce none of the above suggestions on anyone unless your comp requires it. This is a tool for you all to enjoy and to learn from and ultimately make your FMUK and Forza experience that bit more personal.
We are full of great ideas though and will offer them up in future updates and to anyone that wants to listen.
Everyone feel free to discuss the ranking in our announcements and discussion thread. Put your ideas in there too. There are plenty we didn't think about. Now go get Ranked!

Thanks for reading