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Old 03-11-2015, 10:28 PM   #1
TfR Spiny Anteater
Race Team Manager
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Spiny Anteater
Jun 2009
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Audi A1 quattro

Tuned for Ruapuna A Circuit, so very definitely a short track tune. It will feel at first as though the back end wants to come around, but once the tyres are warmed up it's quite tame. Let the back end slide (it's a fairly gentle slide) and keep the steering lock on, then once you're happy with the line you're on get on the throttle and it should pull you through the corner on a decent line.

I've set the tune on Medium as this is the longest lasting tyre, but it does also work on All-Weather and on Soft compounds.

Audi A1 quattro

Tyres & Brakes
Compound: Masculin Street - Medium
Front Tyre Pressure: 1.98 Bar
Rear Tyre Pressure: 1.88 Bar
Brake Pressure: 92%
Brake Balance: 58%
Traction Control Slip: 15% (Max)

Steering Ratio: 16.2:1
Front Camber: -2.2 deg
Rear Camber: -1.2 deg
Front Toe-in: -0.0 deg
Rear Toe-in: +0.2 deg

Front Spring Rate: 70 N/mm
Rear Spring Rate: 132 N/mm
Front Sway Bar: 55 N/mm
Rear Sway Bar: 45 N/mm

Front Slow Bump: 6300 N/m/s
Rear Slow Bump: 6600 N/m/s
Front Fast Bump: 2500 N/m/s
Rear Fast Bump: 2100 N/m/s
Front Slow Rebound: 14,000 N/m/s
Rear Slow Rebound: 10,100 N/m/s
Front Fast Rebound: 5350 N/m/s
Rear Fast Rebound: 3900 N/m/s

Viscous Lock: 3%

1st: 4.28
2nd: 2.66
3rd: 1.89
4th: 1.38
5th: 1.09
6th: 0.91

Fuel Load: 11l
Qualifying Load: 10l
Clubman GT Winner (only 'cos Jamesy got pished)

We all learn from our mistakes. I am very well educated...

RIP Stuart (Hoonta). Gone. Not Forgotten.
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engine, happy, spring, steering, stock

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